Starting my Yoga Journey

I can vividly tell you every time I told my mother, a yogi of 20+ years, how much I did not want to do yoga. I can also tell you how little I thought of yoga and of the precise moments I told her it was “stupid.”

As I got older, so did my body. Although I am only almost 21-years-old, I have had pain that makes me feel like I am 80. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease when I was 17 and it has been taking a real toll on my body lately. Because of my Lymes, my body cannot detox correctly. This means that the toxins in my body build up, and any form of heat can flare up the build up and cause extreme pain and sensitivity throughout my body. I also have Sciatica.

Feeling 80 at 20 makes me nervous of how I am actually going to feel at 80, if I make it that far.

A few months ago I told myself I was going to dedicate my time to learning about yoga and practicing it. I did it for about a week straight and then I allowed life and a busy schedule to get in the way. Before I stopped, I realized how amazing my body felt.

I no longer got out of bed in the morning unable to weight bare on my left leg. I no longer had to lean against something to put pants on.

Today, I am re-declaring my commitment to yoga. I am, from this moment on, never going to idly sit back and allow my body to hurt as bad as it had. I am going to do something about it.

I am going to practice. I am going to progress. I am going to love my body and my health.

I am also going to live my life by something my mother always tells me: “Roxanne, you are only as old as your body feels.”




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